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October 24, 2014



It’s nearly the end of October.  The grass is greener, the social activities are gearing up and the weather is outstanding!  What’s not to like???


In just a few months it will be time to elect new board members.  Have you thought about running?  If not, why not?


When Homeowner Associations are designed and planned they are meant to be run by the average member who owns property in the association.  For the most part a mature person, who has communication skills and the interest of the community at heart, is the basic qualification.  The person should be open-minded and free of any hidden agendas.  Is that you?


Don’t let fear or apathy stand in your way.  Do you want to see that your community is well run?  Participate!


Think you don’t have experience?  Training should be provided by our management company. [And if it isn’t, they’re lacking in management skills]


Let’s have an open field, lots of choices.  Forget campaign costs.  It should not cost anything to run for a volunteer position!  In fact, I’d be wary of someone who is paying lots of money to win a seat on a volunteer board.


Let the best people win!

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